Backup A Database (MySQL & MS SQL)

Create a database backup schedule and automatically backup a MySQL or MSSQL database. Backups are secure and automated. Follow the steps below to schedule automatic backups:

IMPORTANT: Our external IP addresses for backups is – You may have to update your firewall settings to whitelist/authorize our IP, before you setup the connection. For more help see Allow Remote IP Connections.

  1. From the menu, click the “Login” link and login to your account.
  2. From the Portal navigation, click “Add Database Backup”. The “Add a New Database” page displays.
  3. Enter the database connection information. This is generally the user login info for the database (found in your cPanel database section).
    database backup mysql mssql
  4. Add a schedule for the automatic backup to run (1-30 ; days, weeks, months) and select when you want the backup file automatically deleted (30, 60, 90 days, or Never).
    add backup automatic schedule
  5. To add additional automatic schedules for the same website, click the “Add Backup Row” link and add the frequency you want the backup to occur. (Not required)
  6. Click the “Add a Database” button to save the automatic backup plan.

Note: If you enter the wrong login information, you will get a connection error and have to correct it before saving.

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Free WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress Backup plugin is straight-forward, and made especially for WordPress websites. Honestly, the simplest and fastest way to backup your site. Hassle free.
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Optional Cpanel or FTP

Connect to your hosting service using FTP credentials or your cPanel login. Or use our WordPress plugin for the same result. Either way, our service makes setup easy.

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Incremental Backups

Auto scan your site files for any new, deleted, or modified files and then only backup those changes. This reduces redundant storage usage to save you money.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Protect your website and your business with a website backup. Rest easy knowing your site is backed up with our encrypted and secure Amazon cloud storage.