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Why Backup my Website?

Every with computer, has probably heard about the importance of regularly backing up your computer hard drive in case something were to happen to your machine. It is something that also holds true for blogs, and websites. Websites threats are quite real, and having a...

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WordPress Website Backups

Do you have a WordPress website? We provide an easy and efficient way of backing up your website. The term "backup" is common in the tech world. It entails creating a duplicate version of your original work. Imagine this: You are in the process of creating a website,...

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Automatic cPanel Backup Service

The Importance of a Cpanel Backup Service Having owned and operated a site before, you definitely know the importance attached to backing up your site’s data. You need to protect the data in your websites and WordPress blogs by ensuring that you have a backup...

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Who Has Access To My Backups?

Your backups can only be accessed by your account or by a system admin from Website Backup Bot. Our employees are prohibited from viewing your backups and their content. Under the rare circumstance that a system admin needs to access your account, they are not able to...

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Are My Backups Safe And Secure?

All backup files use double-threat protection with encrypting and password protection. All backup files.are stored securely on Amazon AWS servers (S3) for ultimate protection and privacy. Additionaly, Amazon S3 itself has its own robust security policy of its own....

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