The Importance of a Cpanel Backup Service

Having owned and operated a site before, you definitely know the importance attached to backing up your site’s data. You need to protect the data in your websites and WordPress blogs by ensuring that you have a backup service that can help you restore any data that gets compromised, stolen, or deleted by accident. The threats posed to sites are now more real than ever before. Having a cPanel Backup Service for your site is the only way to safeguard your data and protect it from developer errors, hackers, spam bots and malicious threats that are all over the internet.

Why Have a Website Backup?

  • Accidents Do Happen. If there is a universal truth that any website owner needs to know and understand is that people easily make mistakes. And the reality is that these mistakes are unavoidable. You could mistakenly click on the wrong button, and before you know it, you have not only deleted an integral file, but the whole site has become broken.Perhaps a developer is coding your website and accidentally deletes an important line of code, but doesn't realize it. It is common to assume that your hosting provider will protect you from such issues, but there is still a very real probability that they do not have access to the latest copy of your site. Additionally, the cPanel backups that they are using may not be available immediately for your use. Also, even if it were possible for the hosting provider to install an immediate backup, they may charge a large service fee to do so.
  • Anyone Can Get Hacked. This Is a Reality You Need to Live with. WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in the world, and which happens to account for a massive twenty-seven percent of all websites currently on the World Wide Web. In addition, the CMS happens to be open sourced, which means that all people can access its coding including its Mysql files. If you happen to be running a site on this system, this could spell doom for you. As much as your days are hectic, if you are not using a cPanel auto backup to back up your site you could be exposing your site to a malware attack. Backup up the site often and you will never have to worry about malware and hacker attacks taking you out of business.

Automatic Website Backup Service

If you have been backing up your data online, you are probably well-versed with its importance, and the benefits that come with using a cPanel backup service. Many site owners are yet to appreciate the importance of ensuring that their sites have a backup, despite knowing the various dangers that the sites are exposed to online. The following are reasons why you should consider getting a backup service

cPanel Backup Service Benefits

At Website Backup Bot, we believe that one of the main benefits of using a cpanel backup service is automation. Our website backup services are easy to use, automated, and also feature cloud storage. We can back up any type of site for you, and the bot is there to only help you with the restoration. The main advantage of automation is that a client does not have to know anything about databases or Mysql coding to use this service. Another benefit that comes with using our backup service is access to the fast one-click restore process. Imagine being able to quickly restore or backup your database at the click of a button. Yes, this is possible. It is hassle free, and you never have to worry about anything as the restoration process is swift, ensuring that you never get to lose any business.

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