Please be advised that if you cancel your service, all backups in your account will be deleted. Once your account has been cancelled the backup deletion cannot be undone. Before cancelling the account, please be sure to manually download any backup files you may want to keep.

Cancellation stops the auto-renewal of a "Website Backup Bot" subscription and the future payments. Subscriptions are active till the end of the billing cycle. For instance, if you have paid for an annual subscription, it is active unto the end of those 12 months. Cancellation does not delete your account profile login (but deletes backup files), and you can re-subscribe any time. Please note that all subscriptions are auto-renewed unless explicitly cancelled.

If you wish to cancel, please call Customer Service at: 800-625-3500

Note: Cancellation of your account can only be done by phone. You can not email the support department to cancel; they do not have access.

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