Website Backup Bot gives you the ability to run backups whenever you want using the immediate backup feature. Follow the steps below to create an immediate backup of your website or database:

  1. From the menu, click the "Login" link and login to your account.
  2. The Portal "Dashboard" page appears upon account login (if not, from the Portal menu, click "Dashboard"). Within the "Dashboard" page, all of your backup projects/websites are displayed.
  3. Locate the project/website you wish to view backups for and click the "View Backups" button next to it.
    view website backup files
  4. The "View Backups" page appears and shows all of the backup files for this project/website.
  5. Click the "Run Website Backup Now" button and it will immediately start running a backup of your website.
    run backup now

Note: To create an immediate database backup, select the "Run Database Backup Now" button instead. Thie database button will only appear if you have the database connection setup first.

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