Why Backup Your Website

Everybody and everything is on the internet now. Even Grandma has an iPhone and is probably blowing up your Facebook feed with comments and emojis right now :) Many people operate a website of some form, whether it be a portfolio for their photography, a web store for their handcrafted candles

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Restore A Database Backup

Database backups can easily be restored using Website Backup Bot! Because robots are superioir. Depending on the size of your backup file, the restore may take several hours. To restore a database backup, follow the steps below:

Note: A restore will overwrite the entire database, you will

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Who Has Access To My Backups?

Your backups can only be accessed by your account or by a system admin from Website Backup Bot. Our employees are prohibited from viewing your backups and their content. Under the rare circumstance that a system admin needs to access your account, they are not able to access the backup file contents

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Are My Backups Safe And Secure?

All backup files use double-threat protection with encrypting and password protection. All backup files.are stored securely on Amazon AWS servers (S3) for ultimate protection and privacy. Additionaly, Amazon S3 itself has its own robust security policy of its own.

Your backups can only be accessed

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Immediate Backup

Website Backup Bot gives you the ability to run backups whenever you want using the immediate backup feature. Follow the steps below to create an immediate backup of your website or database:

  1. From the WebsiteBackupBot.com menu, click the "Login" link and login to your account.
  2. The
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