Database backups can easily be restored using Website Backup Bot! Because robots are superioir. Depending on the size of your backup file, the restore may take several hours. To restore a database backup, follow the steps below:

Note: A restore will overwrite the entire database, you will lose any data that was entered between the current database and the date you select to restore. Again, you will potentially lose data, so choose wisely.

  1. From the menu, click the "Login" link and login to your account.
  2. The Portal "Dashboard" page appears upon account login (if not, from the Portal menu, click "Dashboard"). Within the "Dashboard" page, all of your backup projects/websites are displayed.
  3. Locate the project/website you wish to restore and click the "View Backups" button.
  4. The "View Backups" page appears and displays all of the backup files available to restore. Click the button next to "View/Restore".
    edit website backup schedule
  5. The "Database Restore Screen" page appears. Click the "Restore" button. 
    edit database backup schedule
    Note: You can click the "Change Backup Date" to select a different database copy from a different date.
  6. An acknowledgement statement appears, place a checkmark in the check box.
    edit database backup schedule
  7. The "Restore" button activates, changing from blue to red. Click the "Restore" button. 
    edit database backup schedule
  8. The "View Backups" page appears and displays green text indicating that the restore is in progress. An email is sent to the email address on file once the restoration is complete. 
    edit database backup schedule
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