Everybody and everything is on the internet now. Even Grandma has an iPhone and is probably blowing up your Facebook feed with comments and emojis right now :) Many people operate a website of some form, whether it be a portfolio for their photography, a web store for their handcrafted candles or a company page for their small business. With the internet being so ubiquitous now, your website is vulnerable to many of the same threats we have in the physical world: vandalism, theft, outages and any number of other unforeseen pitfalls. Now, more than ever, is time to think about the safety and security of your data.

Why Use a Website Backup Service

Whether you have a small personal website, or you're running an e-commerce store it only makes sense to regularly backup your website and database to avoid any potential headaches. I hear what you're saying though, this sounds expensive. Yes, elaborate security measures for your website are available, but they're often costly and unnecessary for your small site. Also, unless you're running your own server on your premises, many security measures are automatically built in to your hosting costs and aren't necessary for you. Phew! Nothing to worry about right? WRONG! Many factors can cause problems with your website, resulting in errors or downtime. In some instances your website could disappear altogether! Some of the main reasons sites have issues:

  • Hackers & Malicious Software

Unfortunately they're not just something you see in movies. They're real, and these nasty individuals are becoming increasingly common on the internet. They can use various tactics to slow down your traffic, take it offline, tamper with your files or even hold the website for ransom.

  • Server Crashes

No computer or server is foolproof, and occasionally failure cannot be avoided. One crashed server could result in scores of websites disappearing off the internet in an instant.

  • Human Error

I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE WEBSITE WHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDO????? Or maybe your developer is working on the company website and accidentally erases an important file!

Safe Automatic Website Backups

Have you kept a good track of your files and updates? Are you ready to restore your website at the drop of a hat? Chances are you probably haven't put any thought into it. Thankfully there are really cheap and helpful solutions to help with website restores after a catastrophe.

WebsiteBackupBot.com offers automated website backups and a free trial (no credit card necessary). You'll also find it really easy to use and the cloud storage backups are secure too. Once you input your FTP account information, making a backup and restoring a previous version happens at the click of a button. Schedule regular backups, or backup manually, whatever works for your website and schedule. Backup your cPanel or WordPress website and know that you are safe.

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