Do you have a Wordpress website? We provide an easy and efficient way of backing up your website. The term "backup" is common in the tech world. It entails creating a duplicate version of your original work. Imagine this: You are in the process of creating a website, and you have done all the major tasks, including creating themes and developing the content. Then all of a sudden, you accidentally delete some files. This can automatically take you several steps backward. However, with a website backup service, you will be able to easily retrieve the files and proceed from where you had left.

Create a Backup Without a Wordpress Plugin

While there are many Wordpress plugins that you can use to back up your website, most of them are not reliable. There are those that do the backup at only the site level rather than at the server level. This is one area that exposes their weaknesses. Even worse, they can fail to backup some critical files.

Some plugins are quite heavy and end up taking substantial memory space on the site. One direct result of this is slowing down your website. Another thing that makes Wordpress plugins unreliable is that they are developed by third-party entities. Although most owners strive to meet the needs of their target users, some of them tend to produce low-quality plugins. Such products can compromise the security of your site.

Our website backup service works at the server level. This means that it can create cPanel backups and FTP backups. It is also lightweight and does not slow the speed of your website. It also maintains the security of your site and does not leave tracks or provide a leeway for hackers to get into the site.

Easy to use Automatic Website Backup Service

Are you looking for ways to back up your Wordpress website? Worry no more. We provide an easy to use website backup service with a user-friendly interface that guarantees you an enjoyable interaction. You will be able to access every feature of the backup system without any hindrance.

Our backup system is fully automated. Yours is to concentrate on the core activities such as theme creation, website design, and content development. With every change that you implement, our system will be able to record it and back it up. This spares you from the hassles that come with creating manual backups.

The automation feature can save your money. This is possible because it deletes redundant files that you don’t need. In doing so, you will be able to save some considerable amount of money on the storage space.

One-Click Restores

With our service, you don’t have to go through endless procedures to restore your site. The whole process can be summarized with a single click, and you don’t require any technical skills or experience to do so.

Backup Any Website

Regardless of the nature of your website or its size, we can still back up it up. Our service is designed to work on any type of website. It is able to achieve this because it works through FTP connections. The service is compatible with major databases such as MS SQL and MYSQL.

With our premium website backup service, you can relax knowing that everything on your site is safe and secure.

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