Automatic Website Backups

WordPress Plugin, 1-click restores, cloud storage and automated backups. Protect your website today.

How it Works

Setup as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Cloud backup storage

1) Create your account

The free account is full featured and fully functional for all websites. Or get 10x more storage with a paid account.

website backup account

2) Connect to your website

Use FTP credentials or our WordPress plugin to connect your website to our secured & encrypted Amazon cloud storage.

automated back up

3) Schedule your automatic backups

Backup your website daily, weekly, or whenever you need. You decide when backups are automatically created & deleted.

secure website backups

Free WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress Backup plugin is straight-forward, and made especially for WordPress websites. Honestly, the simplest and fastest way to backup your site. Hassle free.

secure website backups

Optional Cpanel or FTP

Connect to your hosting service using FTP credentials or your cPanel login. Or use our WordPress plugin for the same result. Either way, our service makes setup easy.

secure website backups

Incremental Backups

We scan your site files for any new, deleted, or modified files and then only backup those changes. This reduces redundant storage usage to save you money.

secure website backups

Secure Cloud Storage

Protect your website and your business with a website backup. Rest easy knowing your site is backed up with our encrypted and secure Amazon cloud storage.

Website backup service

Backup Features

Automated Website and Database Backups

Save money and time with automatic backups and always have the files you need. Customize how often you want to schedule your website backups and automatically manage your backup storage by setting files to expire after 30, 60 or 90 days.

Set your backup frequency once, and never worry about losing data again!


Website Backup Service

Backups Built for Any WordPress,
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