Why Backup my Website?

Every with computer, has probably heard about the importance of regularly backing up your computer hard drive in case something were to happen to your machine. It is something that also holds true for blogs, and websites. Websites threats are quite real, and having a website backup service helps in safeguarding against such threats. 

Why you need Automatic Website Backups

cPanel or FTP Website Hackers

Hackers have unfortunately become very common on the web. Although their primary aim may be to acquire credit card information, there are those that engage in hacking activities to cause trouble, or merely prove themselves. As long as your website is online, there is a chance that it could be compromised, hence the need to have an automatic Website Backup Cloud Storage is necessary.

Updates Gone Wrong

Regular updates are required for increased security, and updated features, but at times, these do not always go as desired. It is the reason why many platforms such as WordPress, recommend that you perform WordPress backups before making an update. Websites and blogs often come with multiple components, e.g., software, plugins, and back-end programming. You need backup services as an awry update can lead to the entire website going offline.

Easy FTP & cPanel Backups

We provide automated cPanel backups, and FTP backups solutions, as well as a free trial to all our clients. Our cloud storage solutions are simplified, easy to use, and very secure. Once you have inputted your FTP account details, the backup will occur at the click of a button. You can, therefore backup manually or schedule regular backups for your blog, and website. Backup your WordPress or cPanel blog and know that your information is safe. 

Have you been keeping track of all your updates and files? Are you able to restore your WordPress blog at a moment’s notice? The chances are that this is something that has not yet crossed your mind. Thankfully we offer simple and helpful FTP backups / cPanel backups solutions that can assist you to restore your website in the event of a catastrophe.

Grow with our Website Backup Service

Our plans are flexible and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time with no contract. So as your business grows and website grows, so can we. Creating a website is an important step when it comes to marketing the business. The website will essentially serve as a platform that will assist in creating awareness, educating readers, encouraging interaction, and will also act as a platform where your clients can make product purchases. Whether running an e-commerce store or a blog site, you will note that there are certain tasks that must regularly be performed, e.g., WordPress backups. A cPanel Backup Service regardless of whether it is using cPanel backups or FTP backups will assist your business to grow.

For the website to grow, as well as generate traffic, it needs to be able to inspire engagement. Essentially, this is what creating a brand platform is all about. It will provide your brand with the opportunity to interact with its followers, making it possible to extract necessary information on all client needs. You need this information for the brand to grow, hence the need to have an automatic backup service in place.

When disaster strikes, every single minute that passes without data can cost your business money, resources, and most importantly, both existing and potential clients. But with a fast and reliable Database backup services, you get up and running easily. So at least in a “worst case scenario”, your online business will not stall. Instead, it will operate as usual and of course, this means more revenue.

Learn More About Website Backup Bot

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Free WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress Backup plugin is straight-forward, and made especially for WordPress websites. Honestly, the simplest and fastest way to backup your site. Hassle free.
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Optional Cpanel or FTP

Connect to your hosting service using FTP credentials or your cPanel login. Or use our WordPress plugin for the same result. Either way, our service makes setup easy.

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Incremental Backups

Auto scan your site files for any new, deleted, or modified files and then only backup those changes. This reduces redundant storage usage to save you money.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Protect your website and your business with a website backup. Rest easy knowing your site is backed up with our encrypted and secure Amazon cloud storage.